Three hours of agony on a Judean hill,
He sighed, "It is finished," with all He endured;
"Father into your hands I commend my spirit,"
And breathed His last; redemption secured.

The sky darkened and lightening flashed,
The earth split open and thunder rolled;
"Surely this man was the Son of God,"
From those who witnessed; while others were told.

His apostles hid in their fear and shame,
All but one in their confusion had fled;
The gloom transformed on that first Easter morn
When our Glorious Lord arose from the dead.

He appeared to many for the next few weeks,
Showed them the wounds in His hands and feet;
They knew Him too, in the breaking of bread,
Now His body and blood for believers to eat.

"I am with you always," He promised as He
Neared the end of His time here on earth;
Returned to His Father with no greater love
Than the life He had given for our rebirth.


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