Reach out, reach out and touch someone
A goal of the Master Plan.
Should not a caring person try
To help his fellow man?

Alas, plans sometimes go awry,
Not fulfilled as expected.
Varied reactions of people we find
In different manners reflected

The skeptic calls for all to heed
His words we hear as such:
"When reaching out to touch someone
Take care of where you touch.

"Though noble deeds may be sincere,
Responses of some may be rude
To those it's best to not reach out
You'll wind up being sued."

For me, however, I'll take a chance.
Ignoring the skeptic's stand.
Whenever I hear the cry for need,
I'll lend that helping hand.

But still, using caution, I'll limit my touch
To only that which I can see.
Then I can reach out, yet still ascertain
My touch will innocuous be.


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Poem by: Shelby Forrest

Midi "Breeann" is
used with permission
and is copyright 2000 Bruce DeBoer

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