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A comforting message for a Christian
To someone who wants to take a chance on you
Christian Valentine
2 Versions of this Valentine E-Card*
Belated Valentine Ecard*(2 versions)
Tell someone you adore them
Valentine E-Card for a loyal friend
A monkey making music (anyone)
If you won't be my Valentine
If I could be with you on Valentine's Day
I'll cherish you forever
Happy Valentine's Day (Angel graphics)

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Tell a friend that you want romance
I'm looking forward to be your Mrs
I'll love you forever
You will find a way to spend time together
I found my perfect match
I care more than you know
Sending kisses to someone you love (anyone)
It's been awhile since we talked
A Valentine For Your EX
From or to a teen girl
Christian Valentine for Anyone
Family Valentine
We Both Love You Very Much*
I want to see what tomorrow brings
Valentine for your best friend
Valentine for someone you have a special bond with
I love you always
I'm no longer looking because I met you
Romantic Love Valentine
A valentine's day card saying I'll be praying for you
Valentine for anyone special
Will You Be My Valentine?
Tell your sweetheat love is about to strike
Ask someone to forgive you
Will you be my valentine (love/romance)
Will you be my best friend valentine?
Happy Valentine's Day from all of us
Valentine for your friend
Christian Romance Valentine
Valentine for anyone
Valentine for a young child*
When I think of you my feelings shine
Will you be my Valentine
Do you feel it?
Long distance relationship*
Tell someone you want to spend valentine'sday with them
Send hugs and kisses to anyone
All my love is yours to have*
I'd be a lucky duck if you'd be my Valentine
Valentine's Day Marriage Proposal
Say I Love You for the first time to your Valentine
To a Valentine who you hope someday will be all yours
Valentine for someone that you miss

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More poems and cards for Valentine's Day (listed below)
I'm ready for you - are you ready for me?
A Valentine greeting regarding a lasting friendship
I'm going to go all out tonight
Seeking my knight in shining armor
Enjoying Time With You (love/romance)*
From someone who has a hard time expressing their love
Valentine greeting for your soul mate
I'm Falling For You
You're One Of A Kind*
Keep in touch (female version)
Keep in touch (male version)
Tell someone you like spending time with her*
I'm hoping someday you'll be all mine*
I promise to be good this valentine
Valentine to thank someone for always lifting your spirits (female version)
Valentine to thank someone for always lifting your spirits (male version)
Valentine greeting to say I appreciate you
Valentine for your sweetheart
Romance valentine
I want you in my life
I believe in you
Will you be my valentine?
Sending love and a big hug (miss you valentine)
Valentine for your spouse (husband or wife)
Nice Valentine for Anyone
You're Uniquely Loving
All my needs are filled by you*
Valentine for your wife
Secret Admirer to someone you want someday as your lover
My wish for you (anyone)
I'm all yours*
I can't wait to see you (love romance)
We have this connection (love)
How ya doing today
Friendship valentine
Love valentine to someone who hurt you*
Love is . . .
Can I have you
The games people play
Romantic love valentine's day greeting
My Love (lover)
My Friend (valentine to someone you love and doesn't love you)
Save a prince - kiss a frog*
Love & Romance (including husband & wife versions)*
The Things I Love About You
My Heart Belongs To You
My Love*
A Better (Sweeheart or Lover) I Could Never Find (two versions)*
In my life you'll always be a part (card for anyone)
You're One Of A Kind (valentine for anyone)
From My Mouse To Your House (valentine ecard for anyone)
Valentine for anyone (family, friends, etc.)
Love Romance Valentine
Love Romance Valentine Card
I Miss You (love and romance fantasy mermaid graphics)*
I Need You In My Life (anyone friends, family, etc.)
I just want to say Happy Valentine's Day*
Family Valentine (30 versions for family members)*
You're A Beautiful Person
Valentine for your husband or wife
First time telling someone they are your sweetie
A Kiss 4 U
I Love You This Much
I Love You
Valentine card for your husband
I Love You (for your wife)
I Love You (for your husband)
Valentine's day is going to "DRAG-ON" without you (cute dragon)
Wizard of Oz Valentine E-card
Things are going to get hot this Valentine's Day
You're Special (for ANYONE special)
E-card Valentine for ANYONE
Valentine Ecard for someone who is FUN
Valentine E-card (for someone you miss)
You're In My Heart (romantic love)
The Missing Piece To My Heart (love)
Cute Valentine's Day Greeting with a loving poem for your romantic lover
I Value Our Friendship
Happy Valentine's Day (ecard for anyone)
Soul Mates (romantic love)*
Love Is More Than A Word (love valentine)
Valentine card for your wife

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Valentine card for your husband
You're In My Dreams, Fantasies, Desires, and Wishes*
One Look Was All It Took
My Wonderful Man
Will you be all mine? (funny valentine)
Can I be all yours? (funny valentine)
Family Valentine's (various versions for family members)*
I've been meaning to get in touch
A Message From My Heart (versions for anyone)*
Be My Valentine (cute e-card)
Meant To Be (fairy graphics)
Happy Valentine's Day (romance love greeting e-card)
I'd climb a mountain to say "Happy Valentine's Day"
You Mean So Much To Me (love romance)
Happy Valentine's Day (send to anyone)
Love or Romance Valentine Greeting*
Tell your ex-girlfriend you miss her*
I Wish You Were My Valentine
Missing you on valentines day
You Are My Everything
Spending Time With You Is A Real Treat
Husband or Wife Valentine Greeting*
We Make A Wonderful Pair*
You're The Best (anyone)
Tell someone in a CUTE way you're falling in love
Kisses to you my sweet valentine
My Love For You Has No End (husband)
My Love For You Has No End (wife)
I Give You My Heart (but don't break it)*
Senior Citizen Valentine
To The One I Love (short e-card)
Happy Valentine's Day (anyone)
A Friendship Valentine
My Achin' Heart (cute)
Valentine for various family members
I'll Sing You A Valentine Song (love version)
I'll Sing You A Valentine Song (friend version)
I'm looking for an online valentine (cute-kisses graphics)
Valentine's Day is Nigh
World's Best Lover
Missing You On Valentine's Day (romance)
Valentine's Day Greeting For Your Love
Valentine's Day Greeting For Your Wife
World's Best Friend
Thank you for sending the card (it struck my heart)
Husband or Wife Valentine
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