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Comfort Poems and Comfort Cards

Comfort Poems and Comfort Cards

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Tell someone you feel for them
When the storms come
A comforting Good Morning Greeting
I'm here for you (holiday message)
Children who die are not really gone
Grow Where God Plants You (Christian comforting message)
Thank a romantic partner who comforts you*
Thank someone who comforts you
Hang In There (Christian)
Thank someone for always lifting your spirits (female version)

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Our friendship will endure through hardships
Give encourage words this holiday season
I want you to "bee" happy
You Lift Me Up
Thank someone for always lifting your spirits (male version)
The Storms are Riding (Christian)
Look To The Rainbow (comfort someone)*
I'm Here For You
When you need someone*
I'm Here For You (Christian)
When life gives you crumbs - feed the birds
Family poem saying that you're still here
Tell someone that it's ok - we all make mistakes
Send To Someone Who Is Having A Bad Day
Say Good Night To Someone Who Had A Rough Day*
Thinking of you (comfort poem)*
Be Happy (cool colors special effect versions)*
May your grief be diminished (two versions)*
Tell Someone they can count on you (christian)
Take Comfort In Jesus
The storm will end*
A Little Angel
Miss me but let me go
Hang in there* (cute christian e-card)
You're Never Alone (cute)
I heard you're feeling rotten today
A Comforting Christian Good Morning Greeting
Believe In All You Do
Hang in There (ecard with no poem)
Ostacles (Christian)
Hope (christian)
Tell someone you'll be there for them (cute)
Thank you for your comforting love*
Thank You For Supporting Me Through Hard Times*
Tell someone they give you a positive perspective*
I dont' mean to be so nosy but is everything alright (cute)
Don't Miss The Rainbow*
Hang In There*
Cheer up things will get better
A Cute Way to Comfort Someone you Love
A Christian Comfort Poem
I'm Here For You (a comforting message)

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More Comfort Poems & Cards
Tomorrow is another day*
I'm Sending You My Special Angel
I'm Sending A Happy Bee
You are my light (thank someone for being there for you)*
The Presence (a comforting Christian message)*
May God Be With You In This Pain
Thinking of you (cancer)*
Thinking of you (cancer in remission)*
You're having a bad day and you need your space*
Angel of Hope (send to someone who has given you hope)*
Let you know I care
Hang in There (Christian)
I AM (religious)
Thinking of you
Cheer up
My Spirit Is Broken (A poem about unbearable suffering)
I would do anything for you (cute)
Someone There (Christian)
Thank someone who helped you through hard times*
The power of prayer (a comforting Christian message)*
Place Prepared (Christian)
Cute and funny e-card*
Say a comforting good morning message to cheer up a friend
Take it day by day
Please don't be sad my friend
Hang in there

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More Comforting Poetry & E-Cards
When you need a friend
My Door Is Always Open*
Remember Friend I'm here (cute)
Send a Care Bear*
Words to a loved one on a final day
Everyday Is a beautiful day
(thank you for giving me a better perspective)

A Sparrow's Faith (inspirational)
Cheer up
You are so comforting

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