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Grandson Birthday Poems & Cards

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I can't be there for your birthday
Thinking of you is all that I do
It's Great To Read (child who just learned to read)
Birthday Card to thank your grandson for always lifting your spirits
I'm Thankful For You Grandson
Happy Birthday to a sweet grandson (boy ages 5-12)
A loving message for your grandson

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Everyday Grandson Poems & Cards

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Tell your grandson he is loved so very much
You Have A Big Heart (17 versions)*
You always come through
I Miss You So Much (young boy)
Birthdays are a time to say nice things
You're A Blessing (from one or both grandparents 2 versions)*
Birthday greeting to say I appreciate you
Happy Birthday greeting to say I believe in you
Sending love and a big hug (miss you birthday card)
You Lift Me Up
From someone who doesn't say I Love You often
Keep in touch
You're More Than A Grandson
Grandson Birthday Greeting from Grandma
Tell your grandson that he is the best
Happy Birthday
I regret the pain I've caused you*
My wish for you
Happy Birthday
Always A Pleasure*
You're A Star That Shines Bright
To your grandson from either one grandparent or both*
In my life you'll always be a part*
Warm Wishes
Your Thoughtful Ways
Birthday Card for grandson ages 5-12
Kids Birthday Card
Adult Birthday Card
You're Really A Special Grandson
Without you, what would I do?
A Loving Birthday Message
Sending Love On Your Birthday
Birthday card for a grandson who hurt you
You are my special one
Happy Birthday (native american graphics)
Happy Birthday*
Balancing Life Situations
Birthday card with two versions*
Miss You Lots (kids)*
Happy Birthday* (plus 16th, 18th and 21st birthdays)
Happy Birthday*
Happy Birthday (cute teddy bear)*
A Christian birthday card with a poem for your grandson

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More grandson birthday poetry (listed below)
You're Such A Blessing To Me (Christian)*
You deserve the best
Wizard of Oz Birthday E-card
Happy Birthday
Moments (nice poem)
A Birthday Message*
Happy Birthday (young boy - train graphics)
Happy Birthday (VERY young child - airplane)*
To My Dear Grandson*
Happy Birthday (sending love - no money to spend)*
You're Special (30 cool versions)*
Card for a sweet grandson (older)
Card for a sweet grandson (young)
Because you're special*
Happy Birthday Grandson*
You're The Best*
Thank You For Who You Are
A Special Wish*
Happy Birthday (sending you my love)
King for a day*
Spending Time With You Is An Awesome Treat
You're One Of A Kind
Warm Wishes
You Have A Special Heart*
Wish I Was With You*
You're a loving caring person*
Warm Thoughts (I Love You Lots)*
Birthday ecard to a sweet grandson (candy house)*
Happy Birthday Tweetie Pie (kids)
We are thinking of you (man-fishing)
I'm thinking of you (man-hunting)
A grandson is special
You're Special (cute teddy bears)
A message from my heart*
From My Mouse To Your House
A Loving Birthday Message
I Don't Always Tell You*
Happy Birthday (Cute Humor E-Card)
Happy Birthday

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More grandson birthday e-cards (listed below)
Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday (we love you)
Happy Birthday - Sending Love
My sweet grandson (teenager)
Our sweet grandson from both grandparents (teenager)
To a man of knowledge who has a good heart
Flower In My Garden*
I Like Spending Time With You*
I just want to say happy birthday*

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