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I just wanted to say hi*
It's been awhile since we talked
Sending this to give you a smile
It's lonely without you
How ya doing today
Aloha - It would be more fun if you were here
You Make My Day - Let's Get Together
I just thought I'd say hi

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HOWDY (western way to say hello)
I'm sending a big warm hug*
Keep in touch (female version)
Keep in touch (male version)
Say Hi - give me a call or send me an email*
Thinking about you -- what's up*
Allow me to introduce ourselves (moody humor)*
Anytime you need me I'm here (cute hello e-card)
Just want to say hi (colorful e-card)
I just want to say hello*
Let's Get Together
Hello (senior citizen)
What's Up (smiley face with tounge sticking out)
I Just Want To Say Hi (Java Lake E-Card)
Just a note to say Hello
What's Up Dude (cute in a creepy way)
Say "What's Up" to anyone in a fun way*
What's Up? (humor)
I Just Wanted To Say Hello
Just popping in to say hello (popcorn graphics)
Tell your friend that you love their email
What's Up (cool colors java special effect only version)
Where have you been?
It warms my heart when I think of you*
Our email lately has been few
Have a "berry" nice day
Say hello to a friend (poem about how you miss your friend)
What's Up Dude
I want to know how you're doing (humor e-card)
What's Up (crocodile)*

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What's Up Dude (alligator)
Sending blackbirds in a pie
A funny way to tell someone they haven't sent any emails lately*
Just want to say hi
I dont' mean to be so nosy but is everything alright (cute)

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