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You make us smile
We miss you so very much (girl)
It's been awhile since we talked
Sending this to give you a smile
Soon our reunion will take place
To Mommy or Daddy from young son or daughter (4 versions)*
I hope you miss us as much as I do
It's lonely without you
You're an extraordinary person

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Thinking of you is all that I do*
It's not the same anymore (holiday version)
It's not the same anymore
Missing your touch (romance)
For someone that you miss
Tell your ex lover that you want him/her back*
I Miss You So Much
Tell someone that you want to visit soon
I need love - got any handouts
Miss you card with 24 different versions*
From a son or daughter who is not getting along with their dad*
From a son or daughter who is not getting along with their mom*
Miss You - Sending Love and Hugs
Love romance miss you card about asking for a commitment
As the clock ticks off the hours (anyone)
I'm sending you the key to my heart*
I miss you very much*
Thinking of you is all that I do (from lover)
Send to young girl who you miss and will visit soon
I Miss You More Than You Know
Holiday Missing You (I love you very much)
It Must Be Fate (makeup after breakup)*
Greeting for someone who nourished you as you grew up
I regret the pain I've caused you*
I can't wait to see you (romance love)
Sending love and a big hug
Miss you card for a male teenager
I Don't Understand What Happened To Us
Sending love and missing you
I Miss You So Much (young boy)
Let's Get Together
Keep in touch (female version)
Keep in touch (male version)
As the clock ticks off the hours (romance)
I Miss You (love and romance fantasy mermaid graphics)*
From My Mouse To Your House
Hugs, Kisses, I Miss You, I Love You
Miss you card for a female teenager
I Miss You So Much (Wizard of Oz)
These days "Drag-On" without you (cute dragon)
Miss you greeting for friend or family member
I'm Missing You*
I always enjoy spending time with you*
Sending A Hug and Kisses*
Missing You - It's "Ruff" Without You (cute dog)
Miss You card for a very young child
Tell a preteen girl you enjoy spending time with her
Tell a boy you enjoy spending time with him
Tell a girl you enjoy spending time with her
I Miss You
You're One Of A Kind
I'm sending a big warm hug*
I love my visits with you*
Do You Know How Much I Miss You (romance)*
It's So Lonely Without You (ecard with a hippie elf man)
Time will go by quickly*
I Miss You So Much (romance or love versions)*
Your Shoes (miss you greeting to a woman)
When we parted you took a piece of my heart - I miss you
I Miss You (romantic - cartoon)*
I Miss You (greeting from a woman)
Missing you breaks my heart (love and romance)*
I Miss You (love)
I Miss You (romance)
I miss you (love romance)
Cute Miss You Greeting (love or romance)*
Husband or Wife Miss You Poem (cute)
Send to someone you miss badly
I feel rotten without you
I Can't Stop Missing You*
I Miss You (love)
Day by Day (I wait for you)
I'm A Lonely Duck Without You
I Miss You Love
Love and romance poems about missing someone after a break up*
Missing Your E-mails
I Miss You (romance)
I Miss You Darling (love)
I Miss You So Much
I Love You Always
Missing You (long distance romantic relationship)

More miss you poetry (listed below)
Send to a romantic lover who is far away
The Days Seem So Long - I Miss You (FUNNY E-Card)*
I Miss You
I Miss You So Much (love)
I Miss You So Much (romance)
It Won't Be Long Until We're Together (romance)*
Tell A Child You Will Visit Soon
We'll Be Together Someday (long distance relationship)*
Missing Your Email*
Romance Miss You Poem
I Miss You Darling (romance)
Tell someone who you are romantically interested in
that you miss them sending you email

I miss you (cute ecard - no poem)
I Miss you when you're not here
Miss You Lots (kids)*
Send to family member or someone you love and miss
Romance Miss You Greeting
I dog-gone miss you (cute ecard - no poem)
I just want to send you a kiss
Though Distance Keeps us Apart (friendship)*
I'm Coming Home Soon*
Soon I'll Be Saying Hello Instead of Good-Bye*
I Miss You So Much (say you're sorry and you can't live without them)
It won't be long*
Our Hectic Lives (love)*
I Miss You (romance version)
I Miss You (romance cute cartoon)
Send a Care Bear*
The absence of you*
Miles Between Us (love)*
Miles Between Us (friendship)*
Cute and funny e-card*
As Time Slips By (general-miss you version)*
Sending You Love (romantic love)
I miss you (cartoon)*

More cards to say I miss you (listed below)
Send to a family member who is away from home
Waiting for you*
My feelings are strong*
Send to someone away at war
Take it day by day
I Miss You (romance version)
I Miss You (love version)
Friendship Miss You Card
My Love (gone away to war to fight the terrorist)
I Miss You - lonely without you (java lake effect)
I need to hear from you once in awhile
Call Me
Do you know (from man)
Miles apart
Thinking of you (winter scene)
Sending a kiss (from woman)
Awaiting My Beloved
Boyfriend or Girlfriend
I sure wish you were here with me (love)
Just a note to say I'm thinking of you
It's so lonely without you
I'm having a "whale" of a time
Miss you
Hurry Back
Thinking of you
Can't wait to see you (roses & hearts)
Family member or someone you love
Thinking of you (I love you)
I miss you (cute)
I Can't Wait To See You (love-to a woman)
Thinking of you
Thinking of you (woman with rose)
I Miss You Terribly (love and romance christmas)
Send This Greeting To Anyone You Miss During The Holidays
Valentine for someone that you miss

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