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Poetry - Rhyming Poems

If you like poetry that rhymes, you have come to the right site.   This entire site has rhyming poems in all the various poem and card categories.   If you scroll down to the bottom of this page you will find greeting card categories that have poems that rhyme under the various topics.   If you would like to enjoy humor rhyming poems scroll down to the bottom of this page and click on the humor category link.

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The Snowman and the bunny
Have no fear, for love is all around you
Eggs make ducks (kids poem)
Children who die are not really gone
We Are A Family Now

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A Kids Poem About Taking A Bath
Can we Each to Ourselves be True?
Miss me but let me go
A Sparrow's Faith (inspirational)
Hold Me To Your Willing Heart (sad love poem)*
Words Written Especially For Men
John Robert's Secret
Staying in Control
The Promise (fantasy)
Poem about someone looking for their birth mom
God's Treasure
Only Then Will Peace Prevail
Where have all our values gone?*
The Mechanic*
The Eye Of God (Real NASA picture taken by the Hubble Telescope)
Love and Kindness

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More poetry that rhymes (listed below)
Evening Shadows*
Frick and Frack
Stage of life
United or Divided (USA)
The Death Of A Fireman (sad poem)
Our Freedom Must be Earned
Stand Up and Be Counted*
You Can't Take It With You*
I Pledge Allegiance to the Flag*
Images Are Mirrored By Every Soul
If I Knew*
Seasons (fall)
Church and State (Christian)*
Waiting (about someone dying)*
The Rising of the Sun*
Learn Who You Are, and be Yourself
On the outside looking in*
The Shadows of Night and Day*
Reach out and touch someone*
Fear of Rejection
The Rainbow*
What Does Greatness Mean? (USA)
Mothers Bond
Love Is Like a Cat

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More poems that rhyme (listed below)
The Windows of My Soul
Clear and Present Danger
Politically Correct
Too Little Time
Where have they gone?
The Canvas of Life
Getting Rid of Writer's Block
An Aura of Gloom
The Ultimate of Comaraderie
The Hourglass of Life
Reasons for Being Thankful
Caring For Others
The Childish Ways Retainted
Cherished Memories
A childs prayer
It Is Time To Build Anew
Fluffy Clouds
The Ocean
Soul of a dog
Who is this lady?
Drought's End
The Healing Must Begin (Christian Perspective)*
Whence come the angels in their flight
Moonlight Sonet
The time for babies is precious
A Cat's Life
My Doggie
Thorns that pierce the bleeding heart
Grandma's Best Friend*
Tell someone they give you a positive perspective*
Love, Hate and Heart
Never a lonely Dreamer
The Lure of the restless sea
You Always Hurt The One You Love
The World Today
Nostalgic Memories
Sleep Now Sleep (Christian)
My Fellow Americans
Poem about mom who passed away

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