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Do I Really Know You
I'm open to hear your defence
Tell a romantic partner to change
What should you do with your problem relationship
Can't You See? Don't You Care
We need to talk
Tell me how you feel
It's Over Between Us
I will no longer jump to your every demand
Romance Sorry Poem*

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Card for someone who you doubt
I Don't Understand What Happened To Us
Tell someone to stop the abuse
Tell your ex lover that you want him/her back*
Tell someone that you love them but you are not in love with them*
I need you (poem about being hurt)
I'm sorry for what I put you through*
You're too emotional*
I'm not your puppet
Card for someone that's hurting you
I saw what you were doing last night
Tell someone that you want the truth
I want to know what you're feeling
Greeting for someone who you are not sure is sincere
It's Over Between Us
What Happened*
Hold Me To Your Willing Heart (break up poem)*
Forgive Me (I feel so empty)
Three Srikes You're Out (baseball theme)
Good Bye I Moved Out (leaving on bad terms)
Tell someone that the man she is dating is not the right one for her
Usually when I play I loose
True Love Has No Ending
You're hurting me (special effects versions)*
Tell someone that they are hurtful
Best Friends No Longer (love and romance versions)
My broken heart needs help mending*
It's Too Late*
We had so much (you don't want to break up)*
Relationship has come to an end (still want to be friends)
It's time to part our ways (breaking up with someone)
Broken heart - but you want to work it out*
Don't let your jealousy damage our relationship*
Scold someone for a foul mouth and bad temper*
I'm sorry (break up greeting card)*

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Danger High Voltage
Let's not fight
I feel rotten - I'm so sorry
Are you seeing someone else
We're Falling Apart
Leave me alone*
What Happened (you always yell and scream)
Romance on the rocks
Breaking up with someone
Pea's Don't Break My Heart (cute breakup e-card)
Is Something Wrong?
You Broke My Heart (you need time to figure out what to do)
I Need You In My Life
Cute Sorry Greeting Card*
Stop All This Or I'll Have to Leave You
I Miss You So Much (say you're sorry and you can't live without them)
Cute and funny e-card*
Let's Turn Things Around
I'm an unlucky duck to lose you
Love and romance poems about missing someone after a break up*

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More Free break up poems (listed below)
I'm sorry for not spending enough time with you
You think you're all that (conceited person)*
You Can't Endure Too Much More
Off My Back (funny break up e-card)
I'm Sorry (I made you cry)
Tell me your motive
Tell Someone You Cheated On Them
E-card for your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend
Baby I Need Your Loving
Don't Play Games With Me*
What happened - I don't understand*
You're having a bad day and you need your space*
Please Take Note (Holiday rat - relationship warning)
I Miss You Terribly (love and romance christmas)

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Break up with someone
Why are you acting like this - Is it something I missed?
Is it over? (let's give it another chance)
You can't hide (end the relationship)
It's Over Sweetheart (don't want to bug you-ants crawling)
We have to stop sneaking around (love breakup version)
We have to stop sneaking around (romance breakup version)
You lousy rat
Tell your ex girlfriend you miss her*
Let's Talk Things Out*
Baby I Need You
Break up with someone but still want to be friends
Sometimes It Hurts So Much (last warning before break up)
Please don't break my heart (cute)
Scold someone for a bad temper*
Don't Care Bear (harsh breakup)


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