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This page has links to love and romance make up greeting cards and poems to send after you break up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and want to make up with a romantic greeting card, poem or ecard.  

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Forgive Me (I feel so empty)
Romance Sorry Poem*
I'm sorry for what I put you through*
It Must Be Fate (makeup after breakup)*
Tell your ex lover that you want him/her back*
My broken heart needs help mending*
Don't Look Back (let's start new)
True Love Has No Ending

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You Are My Everything (tell someone that you want to change)*
Be careful with my heart
It's been awhile since we talked
From somone who doesn't always express their feelings (sorry)
I regret the pain I've caused you*
It's not the same anymore
It's not the same anymore (holiday version)
It's no big deal - sorry
Sorry - Tell someone you will be an angel
Sorry - Tell someone you will be an angel (holiday version)
Is Something Wrong?
Let's Turn Things Around
I Miss You So Much (makeup after a breakup)
When we parted you took a piece of my heart - I miss you
Let's not fight
Broken heart - but you want to work it out*
I Need You In My Life

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My Door Is Always Open*
Call Me (tell your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend to call)
Cute and funny e-card*

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Stop All This Or I'll Have to Leave You
I Miss You So Much (say you're sorry and you can't live without them)
I'm an unlucky duck to lose you
Love and romance poems about missing someone after a break up*
Cute Sorry Greeting Card*
Is it over? (let's give it another chance)
I'm sorry for not spending enough time with you
Let's Talk Things Out*
Baby I Need You
I Miss You
Don't break my heart - let's kiss and make up
Let's talk and resolve our problems
Please don't let it end (broken heart graphic)
Welcome Home
Tell Someone You Cheated On Them*
I Give You My Heart (but don't break it)*
Please don't let it be over between us*
I have a big mouth (love version)


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