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Sending this to give you a smile
Let's Get Together and have some fun
Tell someone how you appreciate them*
Have no fear, for love is all around you
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You Make My Day - Let's Get Together
You Lift Me Up
I always enjoy spending time with you*
Say Hello

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You're There (humor senior citizen - WOMAN)
You're There (humor senior citizen - MAN)
Where have they gone?
I love my visits with you*
Card for a sweet female senior
Memories of Yesteryear
A steady love that grows
A Senior Citizen Love Poem
Send a card to your grandchild
Learn Who You Are, and be Yourself
Send a birthday greeting to your spouse
My Darling - My Love (senior citizen love)*
Grandpa's Getting Grumpy
After the snowbirds arrive (senior citizens humor)

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Snowbird (senior citizen humor)
Decay Starts at the Top (humor)
Send a funny old age birthday greeting*
The Ripples Don't Have To Be Large (poem)*
Happy Birthday (senior citizen)*
The Time Will Come*
BIRTHDAY (Over The Hill Gang)*
The long narrow path (a Christian poem)*
You're Such A Blessing To Me (Christian)*
Nostalgic Memories
Don't Fret -- It's only old age
Golden Years, who named it that?
Where have you been? (chat room friend)
Parrot For Sale (LOL)
Grandma's Best Friend*
Grandma's on the internet
A Parallel on Aging
The Hour Glass
The Golden Years (humor)
Old Folks
Senior Citizen Valentine
The Childish Ways Retained
I want to know how you're doing (humor e-card)
Miss me but let me go
Happy Anniversary (senior)

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