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I appreciate you
Sending this to give you a smile
Thinking of You
I'm Glad You're My Sister-In-Law (no poem)
Let's Get Together and have some fun
To the sweetest sister-in-law
A Special Blessing
Let's Get Together
Thank You For All You Do
Miss You - Sending Love and Hugs
Thank your sister-in-law for always lifting your spirits

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Send love (no rhyming poem)
You're Such A Blessing Sister-in-law (Christian)
Tell your sister-in-law you like spending time with her*
I care more than you know
To a sister-in-law who is like a Mother to you
I appreciate you*
You're More Than A Sister-in-law
Tell your sister-in-law she is special
A loving message
Sending love and missing you
I think of you often
Let's Get Together
You Lift Me Up
Thank you for letting me be me*
You Make My Day - Let's Get Together
Tell your sister-in-law that the man she is dating is not the right one for her
I Love You - love builds bridges where there are none
Greeting to say I believe in you
Keep in touch
You're A Star That Shines Bright (angel graphics)
Thank You For All You Do
You're the best
My Dear Sister-in-law
No One Could Fill Your Shoes*
You're more than a sister-in-law *
I appreciate you
Your secret is safe with me
A Christian Greeting For Your Sister-In-Law
My wish for you
From someone who doesn't say I Love You often
You're The Best Sister-in-law
I Miss You More Than You Know
Tell your sister-in-law that she is the best
Thank You For Standing Behind Me
Thinking Of You*
A better sister-in-law I could never find
In my life you'll always be a part
May your grief be diminished*
Look To The Rainbow (a comforting message)*
Your Thoughtful Ways
A Message For You*
I regret the pain I've caused you*
I Love You Too
The Storms are Riding (Christian Comfort)
It warms my heart when I think of you*
You're The Best*
You're Such A Blessing To Me (Christian)*
Send to your sister-in-law who doesn't believe what you say
You Have A Special Heart*
I always enjoy spending time with you*
I'm sending a big warm hug*
I love my visits with you*
You're One Of A Kind
Hugs & Kisses
You're a loving caring person*
Everyday my bond with you is getting stronger*
Everyday my LOVE for you is getting stronger*
Your Inner Beauty
Always A Pleasure*
When you need someone*
You Deserve A Special Award (Christian)
A Message From My Heart*
Cute way to say "I'm Waiting To Hear From You"
I just thought I'd say hi
You're Number One In My Book*
Without you, what would I do?(choose sister-in-law version)*
You're More Than A Relative
I want to know how you're doing (humor e-card)
A Christian sister-in-law greeting card with a poem
You're Wonderful (thanks for all you do)
Cute and funny e-card*
I Love You!
We're so much alike
Thinking Of You (send to a sister-in-law that is cool)
You're having a bad day and you need your space*
I'm Still Waiting For Your E-mail
Warm Wishes
We Thank You (we love you)
You deserve the best

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More sister-in-law cards (listed below)
Thank you for your comforting love (choose sister-in-law version)*
Call Me
Thinking Of You*
Let's Get Together (cute teddy bears)
I like spending time with you
You are like a beautiful butterfly
Send a Care Bear*
What's Bothering You*
A hug for you
A Loving Message
I Love You E-Card (no poem)
You're Out Of This World (aliens)*
Thanks For Everything
I'm A Lucky Duck To Have You In My Life
Don't Look Back (let's start new)
Today Is Your Special Day*
I tried.... What Can I Say?
Warm Thoughts (I Love You Lots)*
I need to hear from you once in awhile
Miles Between Us*
Say Hi - give me a call or send me an email*
Flower In My Garden*
I love the card(s) you send (3 versions)*
You light up my life*
I Need You In My Life
Hugs, Kisses, I Miss You, I Love You
I just want to say hello*
Who You Are (nice poem about a kind person)*
What Does Family Mean (you hold it all together)*
I'm Coming Home Soon*
Families (when family members don't get along)
When I speak, you don't listen

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More sister-in-law greeting with poems (listed below)
Soon I'll Be Saying Hello Instead of Good-Bye*
I enjoy spending time with you*
Thank your sister-in-law for giving you a helping hand*
Thank your sister-in-law who has done a lot for you
I'm So Glad You're In My Life
I Love You
My Rainbow*
Just a note to say I'm thinking of you
I Love You (e-card with no poem)
You're Precious
Angel of Hope *
Sending love (colorful e-card)
Even though you're still find time for me*
Our Relationship Is Pur-r-fect!
A Mother's Day Message*
Thank You For Supporting Me Through Hard Times*
Bouquet of Love
Funny Thanksgiving E-Card
Cute Thanksgiving E-Card - saying "I Thank Jesus For You"
Balancing Life Situations

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