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Ask Your Mom To Forgive You
Ask Your Dad To Forgive You
Treats - Please Forgive Me
Forgive Me
Apology from groom to bride
It's no big deal - sorry
If I get upset with you - it doesn't mean I don't care
Romance Sorry Poem*
I'd like to start anew

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Below is a list of apology cards and sorry poems that rhyme.   Try our other categories if you are not up to saying sorry but still want to express your feelings to someone who hurt you or broke your heart, etc.  

Tell your ex lover that you want him/her back*
Sorry I was not happy with new stepdad or stepmom*
Sorry - Tell someone you will be an angel*
It's not the same anymore (holiday version)
Love/Romance Sorry Poem*
It's not the same anymore
I regret the pain I've caused you*
From somone who doesn't always express their feelings
I Miss You So Much (let's give it another try)
Don't Look Back (let's start new)
Sorry greeting with a poem for anyone*
From My Mouse To Your House
Only your forgiveness will wipe away my tears
I feel rotten - I'm so sorry
Never again will I get out of line - I'm so sorry
I would not ask you to forget
Sorry - sometimes I don't see things clearly
I'm Sorry I Was Acting Like The Devil
Please Forgive Me
Peas forgive me
I'm Sorry I made you cry (with love version)*
I'm Sorry (I made you cry)
Ooops - I Forgot - I'm So Sorry
Cute Sorry Greeting Card*
I'm sorry for lost time we could've had together
Oops I forgot*
I tried.... What Can I Say?
Sorry - I've been meaning to get in touch

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More sorry poetry (listed below)
I'm sorry that I let you down (picture of two hearts)*
You won't hear me say sorry
Families (when family members don't get along)
Never Again Will I Get Out Of Line (four versions)*
You Win (humor cartoon cat and dog fighting)
Is something wrong? (cartoon)*
I didn't mean to upset you
Say sorry without saying the words
Tell Someone You Cheated On Them*
Don't break my heart - let's kiss and make up
I Miss You So Much (say you're sorry and you can't live without them)
A poem about how we need to watch our tounges
It's so lonely without you
I Don't Want To Bug You -- I just want to say sorry (ants crawling)
Let's Not Fight*
Angry Words*
Sorry - Tell someone you will be an angel (holiday version)*
Let's bring peace between us this Christmas season

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More sorry poems (listed below)
I Need You In My Life (friend)
I Need You In My Life (romance/love)
"Wood" U Forgive Me (cute wood ecard)*
Hot Water (cute cartoon sorry greeting)
Being a parent isn't easy (say your sorry)*
Let's Talk Things Out*
Tell someone you're having a bad day and you need your space*
My Bad*
Don't be mad
Let's talk and resolve our problems
I have a big mouth
I have a big mouth (love version)
I'm Sorry
Holiday Sorry Greeting (e-card & poem versions)*

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