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Happy Thanksgiving (poem about how you are thankful for them)
Happy Thanksgiving (no poem)
Happy Thanksgiving (friend)
Say Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving
May you and your family have joy and peace
Happy Thanksgiving E-Card
You're One Of A Kind
From My Mouse To Your House

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Cute Thanksgiving E-Card - saying "I Thank Jesus For You"
I just want to say Happy Thanksgiving (cute ecard)*
Reasons for Being Thankful
Happy Thanksgiving (lover)
What is there to be thankful for?
Happy Thanksgiving (love & romance versions)*
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving Greeting for Child, Grandchild, etc. (Christian)
I'm Thankful For You
Thank You Lord (Christian)
A Thanksgiving Prayer (Christian)
I Thank Jesus For You (YOUNG child)
Say Happy Thanksgiving in a Humorous Way
Funny Thanksgiving E-Card
We Thank You (Christian)*
Thanksgiving Greeting for a Friend (Christian)
From Our Home To Yours*
Happy Thanksgiving (Java Lake e-card)

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More Thanksgiving Cards with Poetry (listed below)
Let us be thankful for the present
Happy Thanksgiving (e-card no poem)
Thank You Lord For This Last Chance (christian)*

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