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Send love (no rhyming poem)
To a patient friend
I care more than you know
When the storms come
I think of you often
Tell someone you are grateful for them
Thinking of you (good night card)*
I hope to see you soon
I'll always be on your side (romance)
Tell someone you are thankful for them

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Tell someone how you appreciate them*
Thinking of You (no poem)
You're Someone I Cherish
Soon our reunion will take place
Thinking of You*
I call you "Ma" though you are not my mother
It's not the same anymore
An ecard for someone who is sweet*
Let's Get Together and have some fun*
Thinking of you is all that I do (missing you from teen girl)
You are the star of my life
From someone who doesn't say I Love You often
Say for the first time that you care for someone (romance)
I need love - got any handouts
Sorry I was not happy with new stepdad or stepmom*
I appreciate you
Greeting to say I believe in you
From someone who has a hard time expressing their love
How ya doing today
Keep in touch (female version)
Keep in touch (male version)
Send to young child who learned how to read
I'd like to spend more time with you
When you kiss me*
I Miss You More Than You Know
Send to someone you miss and will see someday soon
Let's Get Together
You Make My Day - Let's Get Together
Good Morning - thinking of you
You Lift Me Up
The Storms are Riding (comfort a Christian friend)
Greeting for someone who nourished you as you grew up
I always enjoy spending time with you*
I can't stop thinking of you
Thinking of You (romantic love)
It warms my heart when I think of you*
I'm sending a big warm hug*

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More thinking of you e-cards (listed below)
Tell a friend that you have a crush on them
Send to someone who is going through hard times*
I love my visits with you*
Love & Romance (including husband & wife versions)*
I want you in my life (romance)
We have this connection (romance)*
Love is . . .
Thinking Of You (female friend and family members)*
Thinking Of You (male family members)*
Thinking Of You
You're the best (friend)
A better relationship I could never find (anyone)
I Can't Stop Thinking About You
You Deserve A Special Award
I love the card(s) you send (3 versions)*
A Message From My Heart*
To a sweet girl (ages 5-12)*
To a sweet boy (ages 5-12)*
Thinking of You (friend)
Thinking Of You (native american graphics)
Thinking Of You (send to a MALE friend that is cool)
Thinking Of You (MALE)
Thinking Of You (send to a FEMALE friend that is cool)
Thinking Of You My Love
A Little Angel
Thinking of you (alligator ecard)
Thinking Of You My Friend (email me)*
Thinking of you (comfort poem)*
Just a note to say I'm thinking of you
Thinking of You (cowgirl graphics - teenager)*
I want to know how you're doing (humor e-card)
You're The Best (love)*
Thoughts of you make my day
Spending Time With You Is An Awesome Treat
Thinking of you (from a group of people)
Thinking of you (winter scene)
Tell Someone they can count on you (christian)
Sending a kiss (from woman)

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More cards to say I'm thinking of you (listed below)
Thoughts Of You (love and romance versions)*
Romance Poem
Sending love (colorful e-card)
Thinking about you -- what's up*
Thinking Of You (friend)
I sure wish you were here with me (love)
We're hoping the best for you (good morning)
You're The Best
Thinking of you (includes love version*)
Thinking of you
I just want to send you a kiss
Just want to say hi
I need to hear from you once in awhile
Thinking of You (miss you)
I enjoy spending time with you*
Tell someone they give you a positive perspective*
You're The Best (friendship)*
I'm thinking about you playing in the snow (young girl)
You're The Best (romance)*
I hope our friendship will never end
I hope our love will never end
I hope our romance will never end
Thinking of you (woman with rose)
I Just Want To Say Hi (Java Lake E-Card)
Thinking Of You (Leprechan)
Thinking of you (romance)
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