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I appreciate you
Sending this to give you a smile
Tell someone how you appreciate them*
I'm Glad You're My Boss
I'm Glad You're My Secretary
I'm in the sidelines cheering for you
Card for someone who you doubt
Greeting to say I believe in you

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Bad Day At The Office (humor poem)
Happy Boss's Day
I want to know how you're doing (humor e-card)
Thank you for letting me be me*
Happy Secretary's Day
You Lift Me Up
I care more than you know
I'm open to hear your defence
Tell your friend you had fun last night
You're Someone I Cherish
You Make My Day - Let's Get Together
Cute and funny e-card*
Thank You (to a man of knowledge who has a good heart)
I hope your day is better than mine
I heard you're feeling rotten today
I'm feeling rotten today
My Dumb Secretary (humor poem)
Boss give us a rest
Have a nice weekend
Sorry I haven't written - I've been busy working
Reach for your goals
Card for someone that's hurting you
Your secret is safe with me
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More humor work e-cards (listed below)
You should not have done that
You're having a bad day and you need your space*
Tell your friends at work your having fun on your vacation
When I speak, you don't listen
Even though you're still find time for me*
Today Is Your Special Day*
See Ya Later Alligator - Happy Retirement (picture of an alligator)
Send a funny old age birthday greeting (select the work version)*
Tell someone that they are hurtful
Take Time To Smell The Roses
I tried.... What Can I Say?
We're hoping the best for you (good morning)
Bad Job (humor)
Boss on the other line (humor)
What's Up - time to work no time to play
Teamwork (e-card saying thanks for your efforts)
Let's do lunch sometime soon (female to female)
Why aren't you working?
Cute way to say "I'm Waiting To Hear From You"

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