Somewhere amidst confusion in
the frantic Christmas race--
the deadline shopping, start and stopping
at a frenzied pace.

The name of Christ has been removed,
left off the Christmas scene.
Without the name of Christ, what then
does Christmas really mean?

No longer do the schools release
for Christmas holiday;
it's incorrect politically,
but Winter Break's O.K.

Now scenes of the Nativity
are banned from public streets.
Too much religiosity's
considered indiscreet.

Does Christmas portend Santa Claus,
whose sleigh and reindeers fly,
as Rudolph with a shiny nose
guides them through starlit sky?

For presents stacked high by the tree
the children eagerly reach.
What message does this scene present?
What lesson does it teach?

Is Christmas spirit portrayed here?
What it is meant to be?
Is it to wonder of those gifts
How many are for me?

There's nothing wrong with Santa Claus,
let's keep him on the scene,
but let's replace the name of Christ
to teach what Christmas means.


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Poem by: Shelby Forrest